About Shoura Group

1958 – Eng. Hamed El Shiaty established his own private enterprise “Tawkilat” for pesticides and tractors.
1959 – introduced aerial spraying in Egypt and Syria
1962 – acquired the agency Schering Berlin for pesticides
1969 – worked with ICI plant protection
1970 – planted and exported the first
strawberries to Europe, Russia and Arab countries.
1972 – introduced Hybrid maize plantations in Egypt with Hodee`, France
1977 – resumed operation of aerial spraying in Egypt with 4 helicopters and 2 fixed wings
1980 – introduced and imported the first Brown Swiss cows from Austria and started a dairy farm of 1600 cows
1981 – became the vice chairman of Egyptrac; agent of Massey Ferguson
1985 - registered as the biggest importer of Friesian cows from Holland and milking parlors D.T.C; a company owned by the family in Holland.
1987 – agent and importer of animal feed and premixes – one day old chicks and hatching eggs
1990 - reclaimed a desert farm located in km 76 Alex rd, 1500 feddans of: grapes, bananas and mangos
1989 – became the stock owned company Shoura Group

El-Shiaty Farm

El-Shiaty family originated from Tanta and values its roots tremendously. Nestled in more than 100 acres planted mostly with palm trees and vine trees, the family country house is currently being used to serve the Tanta locals.

The dedicated Mr. Hamed El-Shiaty and Mrs. Olfat El Shiaty continuously exert effort to maintain the land. The family has learnt from Mr. Hamed that being part of society is essential and that it is important to give back to the society that raised you when you can.

The land has more than 100 goats producing organic dairy products. It also has a laboratory used to serve agricultural university students from across the country. These students come every summer to gain experience through internships and practical work.

Al Shiaty family's social corporate responsibility proves that successful corporations are capable of making a positive difference in their communities.

El-Shiaty Stud

Growing up, Mr. Ashraf El-Shiaty was highly fond of horses. With time, he passed this love onto the rest of the family. His love for horses grew when his father bought his own in 1973. Today, Mr. Ashraf’s stud consists of over 20 quality mares and a promising stallion. Mr. Ashraf's true-bred Egyptian-Arabian horses are a source of happiness and pride for him and his family.